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Kinka Beach QLD

Kinka Beach

Postcode: 4703

Kinka Beach is a small coastal settlement in the Australian state of Queensland. It lies on the banks of Kinka Creek, about three kilometres north of Emu Park and seventeen kilometres south of Yeppoon. Most Kinka Beach residents enjoy pristine and unfilter views of the world renowned Great Kepple Island. Their unspoilt beach is just metres from their spectacular modern homes.

The land including the settlement was originally part of a pastoral lease, but limited development took place after a coastal road linking Emu Park and Yeppon was made during the 1930s. It was not until the 1960s, however, that substantial residential development took place.

Today, Kinka Beach consists of about half a dozen streets lined mainly with modern homes wedged between the main Emu Park/Yeppoon road and the beach. The area is entirely residential except for one small shop. There is also a caravan park and a motel. Many of the residents are retired, whilst others commute to work in Emu Park, Yeppoon or Rockhampton. Kinka Beach is linked to all three centres by a bus service which runs on weekdays.