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Kuraby QLD


Postcode: 4112

Kuraby began as a farming settlement on the Gold Coast line and then it became a small township. The Holloson and Dennis families began farming in 1860 and Mr Bauer came in 1868. Other settlers followed, clearing the trees and planting fruit and vegetables. Mr Stombuco came as the district’s first postman and Mr Petersen started a nursery. Cobb and Co ran a service to Loganlea via Kuraby and the Kuraby Hotel was a stopping point. When the railway line went through in 1885, traffic along Logan Road diminished and Kuraby developed more slowly. The ‘Queenslander” of 1888 reported how at least a hundred Brisbane ‘pleasure seekers’ traveled to Runcorn and Spring Creek (Kuraby) to explore the district and visit the Runcorn bonemill and Mr William’s nursery.

Kuraby is about 17km from Brisbane’s CBD. Over 54% of households in the area are couples with children, 31% are couples without children and 11% are single parent households. 84% of the dwellings in this area are stand-alone houses and townhouses account for another 15%. There are some older homes in the area, but generally houses are modern brick and tile structures. Kuraby still has a number of small farms and many large residential blocks. The median house price in Kuraby for the 2004 calendar year was $370,000.