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Kurrimine Beach QLD

Kurrimine Beach

Postcode: 4871

Kurrimine Beach is hidden away from travelers and tourists – so that is a perfect reason to visit. The town is located north of Mission Beach, but south of Innisfail and is a very popular place for fishers from all around the tropical north. The beach stretches for many kilometers, and is not as pristine and beautiful as Mission Beach. A large reef (King Reef) extends out from the beach for over 200 meters, making swimming and boating virtually impossible except on high tides. However, this does provide for wonderful fishing.

Along the beach front are numerous caravan parks, which seem to be the accommodation choice for most fishermen.

Kurrimine is untouched by major development. It sustains the old-world flavour of the tropical north with larrikins and personalities aplenty. It is a very laid back place, and is good if you want to get away from the hype of the city.

Kurrimine Beach is east of the Bruce Highway midway between Tully & Innisfail, via Murdering Point Road. It is a top spot for land based anglers, small boat owners & offshore anglers to base themselves for a few days. The township at Kurrine Beach revolves mainly around fishing with a camping area right on the beach. King Reefs run from just north of the Maria Creek mouth past Murdering Point & north towards Cowley Beach. The single lane concrete ramp at Kurrimine require 1.5m of tide. The ramp runs straight onto King Reefs while also providing good access to the Barnard Island Group & Great Barrier Reef. Land based anglers can fish King Reefs from the shoreline either side of the boat ramp & catch a variety of species including golden snapper, cod, mackerel & various emperor species. Snorkelling for crayfish is good around King Reefs when the weather permits, this is especially so in the winter months.