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Lake Kawana QLD

Lake Kawana

Postcode: 4701

The atmosphere at Lake Kawana is shaped by the local, national and international activities that take place in and around the water. The 2500 metre course is perfect for flat water competitions. Watching from the sideline or competing yourself, it is the Sunshine Coast weather that gives Lake Kawana its extra appeal.

Aside from the paddlers racing through the water, Lake Kawana hosts triathlons, model boat championships, sail small boats or more eccentrically, race dragon boats. Visiting the lake is a pleasurable experience, the sound of water, the picturesque pine trees and the comfortable green grass. Take a seat on a shaded bench and enjoy the view.

Eastbank at Lake Kawana is a constant source motivation for locals and guests. Calm waters of the lake inspire you to relax with Tai Chi on the grassy lakeside or take a stroll along the path. Bring a picnic or use the BBQ facilities for a day out with the family. Parking at Lake Kawana is easy, it’s right next to the lake.

Lake Kawana truly is a place of numerous recreational activities.