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Laparinta QLD


Postcode: 4110

Laparinta is an Aboriginal word meaning either ‘flat country’ or ‘flowing water’.

Larapinta was a part of Acacia Ridge until 1970. The Place Names Board then announced that the region known as ‘The Blunder’ would be divided into four suburbs – Willawong, Pallara, Larapinta and Heathwood.

Larapinta was named after the aboriginal term for ‘flowing water’, which presumably refers to the presence of Oxley Creek on its western and northern boundaries and the various lagoons and offshoots which cover the suburb.

The suburb is still very sparsely populated, with only 712 residents in Pallara-Heathwood-Larapinta in the 1996 census.

Larapinta is roughly 17km from Brisbane’s CBD. There’s little residential development in the area, but you’ll find market gardens and nurseries as well as open bushland. Over 50% of households in this area are couples with children, 37% are couple without children and 10% are single parent families.