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Laura QLD


Postcode: 4871

Laura, is a small town (pop. approx. 120) north of Lakeland in Cook Shire, Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland, Australia. It is on the only road north towards the tip of the Peninsula, and is the centre for the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in the world. It also forms the northern apex of the “Scenic Triangle” between Cooktown, Lakeland, and Laura.

Some of the world’s most extensive and ancient rock painting galleries surround the tiny town of Laura, some of which are available for public viewing. Laura boasts an impressive new Interpretive Centre from which information on the rock art and local Aboriginal culture is available and tours can be arranged.

Laura is only a few kilometres from the southern entrance to Lakefield National Park.

Today it comprises a pub, a general store, two service stations, a school, a police station, an office of the Department of Community Services and a few houses. It is basically an Aboriginal settlement with a population of less than 100. The local services have picked up some passing trade from the increased 4WD traffic which passes through the town on the way to Cape York.