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Linville QLD


Postcode: 4306

Linville is a small country town in Queensland, Australia.

On August 19, 1891 the Balfour brothers – John, Charles and Robert, took up Colinton run which included the present site of the town of Linville. The Balfours originally intended to build their homestead where Linville now stands but decided to establish it instead about 10 kilometres to the south, near where Emu Creek enters the Brisbane River.

During their occupancy of Colinton the Balfours built stockyards on the north bank of Greenhide Creek near its junction with the Brisbane River. The yards became known as “Nine Mile Yards”. By about 1886 a small private township grew up at the spot and the Nine Mile receiving office opened there in 1898.

Surveyor E.M. Waraker laid out a town at Nine Mile and the plans of sections 2 to 7 of the town, to be known as Linton, were lodged with the Survey office on 6th December, 1901. Linton was situated about one kilometre south east of where Linville now stands. Local residents wanted the name Linton, which was formed by dropping the syllable “Co” from “Colinton”. The postal authorities did not favour this as there was already a place in Victoria called Linton, Victoria, 30 kilometres west-south-west of Ballarat. A compromise was reached and at the request of residents the name of the receiving office was changed to Linville in November 1905; it became a post office in January 1910.