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Long Island QLD

Long Island

Postcode: 4741

Long Island, one of the islands in the Whitsunday Group, lies close to the mainland just south of Shute Harbour. Most transfers are via Shute Harbour or Hamilton Island.

It is about 9 km long and at its widest point about 2 km wide, although there are places where it is hardly more than 200 m wide. Part of the island is National Park and there are a number of walks through the heavily wooded vegetation to some of the secluded bays and headlands.

There are several resorts on the island, most of which cater for families and those on a budget.

Long Island, with the exception of Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge, is regarded as a budget destination. It has a number of resorts which promote themselves as ‘getting away from it all’ locations. For example the Palm Bay Resort proudly announces ‘you won’t find loud bands, large groups of people or discotheques.’ Located in a tropical wilderness it promotes its smallness and its secluded location as its major attractions. Equally Whitsunday Wilderness Lodge boasts that it is the most secluded resort in the Whitsundays.