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Maroochy River QLD

Maroochy River

Postcode: 4561

The Maroochy River mirrors the mysterious mountains that surround it; Buderim Mountain, Blackall Range, Mt Ninderry and Mt Coolum provide around 450sq km of catchment to the Maroochy river.

The saltmarsh and saline herbland is home to a unique ecosystem. Here you will find rare false water rats and other natives like the swamp wallaby, brush-tailed possum and a large variety of frogs.

Calm waters at the mouth of the Maroochy River are great for boating, waterskiing and boat fishing.

The Maroochy River has two main arms, the North and South Maroochy River, which join at about the tidal limit 24 km upstream from the mouth. Two large tributaries, Petrie Creek (with its major tributary Paynter Creek) and Eudlo Creek enter the river about 5 km from the mouth. Coolum, Doonan and Yandina creeks drain the low-lying areas in the north-eastern parts of the catchment.

A total of 211 subsections were identified within the study area, of which 191 were surveyed. Within these, 192 sites were identified, 185 of which were ‘full survey’ sites and 7 were ‘photograph only’. Nineteen were estuarine sites.