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Michelton QLD


Postcode: 4053

Michelton is a suburb of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. The suburb is located 8 kilometres from the Brisbane central business district.

Mitchelton is part of the northwestern suburbs. It is a growing suburb with many Queenslander style houses and leafy streets. The area is quite hilly and most of the suburb is on a north-facing slope.

Mitchelton is an area with a long history that is now filled with many shops, schools and facilities, such as the Brookside Shopping Centre. Mitchelton is also home to many sporting teams in state competition.

Mitchelton’s name comes from one particular family of the first settlers in the area. The Mitchell family emigrated from England in the 1850s. Nicolas Mitchell purchased an estate he named “Mitchelton” by 1875. This area was subdivided in the 1890s.

There are plenty of great dining options in and around Mitchelton. If you’re looking for a local café, take-away, pub or restaurant you’ll find it here.