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Moggill QLD


Postcode: 4070

Moggill, one of Brisbane’s western suburbs, is about 18 kilometres from the CBD. It comprises a mixture of small-lot and acreage residential homes along with a small number of remaining farms.

The Brisbane River and Moggill Creek were rich in resources and evidence of Aboriginal occupation includes Bora grounds near the Moggill Pony Club and O’Brien Road, another Bora ring is located near Kangaroo Gully Road.

At about this time Moggill was divided into three suburbs, the other two were named Anstead and Bellbowrie The name of the creek is derived from ‘Magil’, an Aboriginal word meaning water dragon. The ferry crossing of the Brisbane River was motorised in the 1940s under the joint control of the Ipswich and Brisbane City Councils, and still operates today.

The Moggill Country Club was established in the 1960s. It is one of the oldest sporting and social clubs in the area.

After 2004, the traditional Moggill pineapple farms, situated on the rich red clay soils around Witty Rd and Priors Pocket Rd, began to be subdivided for housing.