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Morayfield QLD


Postcode: 4506

Morayfield is a suburb of Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 59km from the Brisbane CBD. It is mainly a residential area, consisting mainly of low-set brick homes and some semi-rural acreage. The main commercial area is concentrated along Morayfield Road, where the Morayfield Shopping Centre is located.

Until the mid 1980’s Morayfield remained a peaceful, tranquil, rural based area consisting of small dairy holding and small crop farming enterprises. However, with the population pressure caused by the rapid growth of the greater Brisbane area, it has since suffered to some degree from random or unplanned residential development and rapid population growth. Currently (2006) it is a thriving commercial center, retail and service industry based.

George Raff of Brisbane bought some of the land held by the failed Caboolture Cotton Company and called it Moray Field although it was often written as Morayfields. Eventually, from 1881, it became Morayfield. The neighbouring property was owned by the ex-military man, Captain Whish. Morayfield was derived from Raff’s native Morayshire in Scotland.