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Moreton Bay QLD

Moreton Bay

Postcode: 4031

When Moravian missionaries arrived in Moreton Bay in 1839 to take up a 263 hectare reserve spanning a creek to Brisbane’s north, they turned to the Bible for a name. They settled on Kedron Brook – the name of the stream David crossed when fleeing from Absalom.

Mammon, however, was also alive and well in Kedron in the form of an illegal horse-racing track which had a succession of owners in the early part of last century. The last private course syndicate included notorious Melbourne SP and sports promoter John Wren.

Wren and his associates paid $36,000 for the track in 1912 and reaped a handsome profit when they sold it to the Kedron Amateur Racing Club for $500,000 in 1925. The racecourse finally disappeared from the scene in 1956 to make way, ironically, for an education complex.

The boundary between Kedron and its northern suburban neighbour, Nundah, is dominated by an expansive green belt which offers hectares of open and recreational space on both sides of Kedron Brook.