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Morven QLD


Postcode: 4468

Morven is a town on the Warrego Highway, 89 kilometers east of Charleville and 665 kilometers west of Brisbane.

In 1859, a small area was taken from the property Victoria Downs and set aside for public use and designated on maps and documents as ‘Victoria Downs Reserve’. It was on the mail route from Brisbane to Charleville. Later it became informally known as ‘Sadlier’s Waterhole’ after Captain TJ Sadlier and his wife camped at the property. When officially surveyed in 1880 it was officially given the name Morven.

Nearby is the Tregole National Park.

Originally chosen as an ideal camping spot for early travellers into the Outback, a settlement formed. Even today Morven, with its garden beds and picnic tables, is regarded as a good place to take a break from driving.

Venture just ten kilometres south of town to visit Tregole National Park, and walk amongst a forest of extremely rare Ooline trees. The tree has rainforest origins and it is rare to see them growing this far west.