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Mount Louisa QLD

Mount Louisa

Postcode: 4814

Mt Louisa (formaly in Thuringowa) is one of the original suburbs of Queensland and is located on the north and ocean side of Townsville city. It is placed around the foothills of Mt Louisa itself rising from 15m above sea level to the mountain’s peak of 185 m ASL.

The older section of Mt Louisa faces the ocean and Magnetic Island, while new developments have seen large new housing estates being built on the western and northern aspects of the mount.

During WW2 as many as 4,000 American personnel worked and lived at Depot #2 at the base of Mount Louisa. Entertainment in the camp was held at Helton Hall, which was an open aired building named after Master Sergeant Helton who was killed in the B-25 crash at Rattlesnake Island.

Some famous Hollywood stars appeared at Helton Hall including John Wayne, Joe E. Brown, Gary Cooper, Una Merkel and Phyllis Brook. The famous Woody Herman’s orchestra also appeared at Helton Hall.

Rumour has it that the mountain houses a massive underground bunker with numerous relics from the war.