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Mount Molloy QLD

Mount Molloy

Postcode: 4871

Mount Molloy is a historic mining and timber town lying 160 kilometres north of Cairns.

At its height it was a copper mine in the 1890s. It was commonly used as camping grounds and Chinese market gardeners used to grow grain and other footstuffs for the miners nearby.

Mount Molloy was named after Patrick Molloy, an early teamster for a stock route and the person who discovered copper at what was to become Mount Molloy.

The dominant industry of Mount Molloy is now cattle grazing and consists of a few shops and an old hotel.

Mount Molloy is one of those towns where it is obvious that its moment of glory and importance has long gone. A huge pub, a rusting steam engine and a few shops which have been closed for decades are all that really exists of this once important mining and timber town.