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Moura QLD


Postcode: 4718

The town of Moura is located in Central Queensland, Australia. It is situated approximately 48 kilometres west of Biloela on the Dawson Highway, and 180 kilometres west of the port city of Gladstone, and is administered by the Banana Shire Council. Town population is 1802 persons (2001).

The town was named after a local property, also named Moura, which in turn is believed to have been named after the town of Moura in Portugal.

A number of industries are represented in the local economy. Chief amongst these is coal mining. Both open-cut and underground methods have been used up until 1994. There have been three mining disaster that have occurred at Moura:

The first was the Kianga mining disaster which occurred on 20 September 1975, claiming 12 miners’ lives.

The second, on 16 July 1986, was named the Number 4 disaster. it claimed 12 miners lives, the youngest miner being 18.

The third was the Number 2 disaster on 7 August 1994, which claimed 11 miners’ lives.

After Number 2 disaster, underground mining was closed and the area was operated as an open-cut coal mine.

Beef, cotton and cereals are other major industries of the area.