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Mungallala QLD


Postcode: 4467

Mungallala is situated about half-way between Roma and Charleville on the Warrego Highway in south western Queensland.

Although the town itself is a small country town with a population of just fifty people, it is supported by a saw milling industry from local cypress pine and a rural industry involving mainly beef and wool.

Cypress Pine Mill Established in 1955, the Mill processes local timber for local and export markets.

Cattle & Sheep Industry Since 1862 this area has supported sheep and cattle enterprises. The majority of cattle from here are sold at Roma Saleyards. Shearing industry is a still a career choice for people who live in Mungallala.

Game Meat Industry In recent years, diversification into other industries has occurred with the goat meat industry being one of these. Feral pig and macropod harvesting is also carried out in the district. This meat is exported overseas for human consumption. Products are also made up from the skins.

Mungallala, said to mean ‘food and water’ is the site of a cypress sawmill.