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Ningi QLD


Postcode: 4511

Ningi is a town in Queensland, Australia. In 1996 it had a population of 324. At the Northern end there is a housing estate called Bribie Pines which is a quieter neighbourhood mostly inhabited by the elderly.

There are two other housing estates in the area: Grey Gums Estate located on the road out to Godwin Beach (pronounced God-win not good-win), and the newly developed Sandstone Lakes. The main township of Ningi however is located on Bribie Island Road. A number of houses line each side of this road ranging from 70’s era lowset brick homes to old Queenslanders on stilts.

This main section of Ningi is inhabited by mostly teens and people aged 20 to 40. One of the most notable things about this area is the amount of gravel it has as opposed to grass. Another thing that often surprises visitors is the fact that almost every house has something for sale on their front lawn.

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