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Nobby QLD


Postcode: 4360

Nobby is a small village on the Darling Downs, Queensland with a population of about 350 people. It is located halfway between Toowoomba and Warwick. Clifton Shire Council is the local authority. It is noted for having been home to two eminent Australians; Author Steele Rudd and Sister Elizabeth Kenny. There is a memorial to Sister Kenny in the village.

Steele Rudd and Sister Kenny! Visiting Nobby and checking on those names is a bit like taking a walk into the annals of history. Steele Rudd (his real name, Hoey Davis), the author of Dad and Dave, is remembered by the old timers of the town and also by those visitors who recall the halcyon days of radio, where the Rudd stories ran for years and years. Rudds Pub remains. Then there’s Sister Kenny, the ‘saint’ who worked so effectively with polio treatments prior to the development of a vaccine. Near the hotel, there’s a memorial dedicated to this lady. That’s just a part of the history, with much more told simply by taking a stroll along the town’s main street which is dotted with shopfronts from another era. It’s worthwhile stopping awhile. Take a picnic in the local park which offers barbecue facilities.