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North Lakes QLD

North Lakes

Postcode: 4509

North Lakes is a suburb located in the very North of Pine Rivers Shire, Queensland and is located approximately 25km north of Brisbane. North Lakes has officially been named a suburb, gazetted by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Water in March 2006. The old suburb of Mango Hill has been split in half forming the two suburbs. The suburb is mostly made up of newly developed housing.

The suburb currently houses 13,000 people. By the end of the North Lakes development, it is believed that the suburb will contain 25,000 people, 8000 houses, a hospital, a cinema, retirement village, Myer, and much more. The goal of the developers is to create a self-sufficient community.

The suburb has 1 State College, which serves Preschool to K12 students, and one Primary School, which is private.

Spanning over 1,000 hectares, once developed, North Lakes will become home to around 20,000 people through the combination of its retail, commercial and industrial areas plus there will be employment opportunities for an estimated 13,000 people.

Characterised by its planning of facilities, roads, parks, bikeways, landscaping and lakes, it is an ideal place for people of all ages to live, learn and work in an environment of innovation and creativity.