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Ormeau QLD


Postcode: 4208

Ormeau is a hinterland town on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Ormeau was originally a French name pronounced in two syllables, which means ‘young elm’. It came from Ormeau House the estate of Major A.J. Boyd, a sugar planter of the 1860s.

Two populations of C. cunninghamii occur at the Ormeau location, which is situated about 6km north of the Wongawallan sites and 10km south-east of Beenleigh. The sites occur within a radius of approximately 500m, cover a total area of 525m2, and can be accessed via Cliff Barron’s Road. The sites are contained within the Gold Coast City Council Shire and the Pimpama Creek catchment area. In 1995, when the conservation statement and draft recovery plan for C. cunninghamii was written, this land was owned by Readymix Quarry (CSR). Discussions between CSR, the Ormeau progress association and former Albert Shire Council have led to the area being set aside for the preservation of C. cunninghamii and the adjacent vine forest. The management of the Ormeau location is now undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency and the land on which C. cunninghamii grows is owned by the Public Trustee and considered part of the ‘Edward Corbould Reserve and Nature Refuge’.