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Pallerenda QLD


Postcode: 4810

Pallarenda is a suburb of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. It is three streets deep, and backs on to the Town Common. To the north of it is the Cape Pallarenda Conservation park. The suburb fronts on to the ocean. Bus services run three times daily. There is some debate over where Pallarenda begins and ends, but most people agree that Pallarenda Creek marks the border between it and Rowes Bay, Queensland.

The suburb had a corner store and a fish and chip shop until recently. The corner store closed down due to vandalism and the fish and chip shop has moved.

The fate of Pallarenda’s Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is currently under debate as the facilities used until recently, those of the EPA, have been declared unsuitable for use outside of normal business hours.

Pallarenda also has a boat ramp that provides direct access to the beach, and a permanent stinger enclosure, both in Pallarenda Park.

There are several walking tracks on Cape Pallarenda. One of them passes two world war two searchlight emplacements and leads to Shelley Beach. Another leads to a graveyard used by the (now defunct) Quarantine Station.

To the south of Pallarenda there is a horse excersise beach and a dog off-leash area.