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Petrie QLD


Postcode: 4502

Petrie is a suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It’s located in the North Pine River section of its local council of Pine Rivers Shire, 24 kilometres north of Brisbane City.

The origin of the suburb name is from an early inhabitant by the name of Tom Petrie. The township was named Petrie after his death. Prior to this, the area was known as North Pine. Tom Petrie was a highly regarded individual in the area through his community work and his cooperation with the local Aboriginal inhabitants.

As of 2000, Petrie is a booming suburban village with over 7000 inhabitants with new housing developments on land which was previously used for pine plantations and agriculture. Petrie railway station provides half-hourly services to Brisbane and Ipswich, as well as services to Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

Large industries in Petrie include Boral Quarries and Amcor Paper Mill. The Gympie Road, Dayboro Road and Anzac Avenue roundabout junction and surrounding area encompass the town centre which includes retail and mechanical industries.

Tourism in Petrie is mainly focused on recreation. The North Pine Country markets operate each Sunday on Dayboro road. A large campsite across the road from the Paper Mill at Sweeneys Reserve and recreational activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, fishing and horseriding take place.