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Point Arkwright QLD

Point Arkwright

Postcode: 4573

Point Arkwright is a suburb in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Point Arkwright is a rocky, rugged headland edged with 20km of pristine sandy beach, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Swimming is only recommended for strong swimmers in the summer, however in winter the sea is flat resulting in crystal clear water ideal for snorkelling or diving around the rocks. A dirt track runs 1km along the top of Point Arkwright itself and offers a great view of the coast. On a clear day visitors can see all the way to Point Cartwright to the south. This expanse of beach also provides the ideal location for fishing.

South of Point Arkwright is the un-patrolled Yaroomba beach. Yaroomba beach is a secluded sunbathing beach protected from the summer north winds by Point Arkwright. Swimming is not recommended, though during winter when the sea is flat and the waters crystal clear snorkelling or diving can be undertaken around the rocks of Point Arkwright. Point Arkwright offers a great view of the coast, you can see all the way to Point Cartwright to the south on a clear day.