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Ravenshoe QLD


Postcode: 4888

Ravenshoe is a town on the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland, Australia. The highest town in Queensland, with Queensland’s highest pub and highest railway station. It also has the Millstream Falls, the widest waterfall in Australia. Traditionally the main industry in Ravenshoe was timber, but now the main industries are tourism, beef and dairy farming.

Ravenshoe was founded around the end of the 1800s by John Moffat as a timber town to supply the growing population in the area at the time due to the iron rush in Herberton and Irvinebank. The city of Cairns was originally founded because the tableland was so prosperous at the time it needed a port to export the iron and ‘hemp’ from.

The Windy Hill Wind Farm is owned by Stanwell Co. and generates enough electricity to power several towns, there are lots of rainforests, bushwalks, waterholes and waterfalls. Ravenshoe has an extremely diverse variety of plants and animals, with nine species of possum in the area. There is a dirt bike track, a bakery and there are plans underway to build a sports and recreation centre there because the high altitude is good for professional sports training.

There is a yowie in the malaan rainforest, known as the malaan monster. There have been many reports of people seeing him over the years. There is reputed to be some sort of big cat living in the rainforest in the area as well. It is believed that the billabong known as the “Army Hole” due to its function as an army swimming spot in the war is haunted by the ghosts of several people who have drowned there over the years. There is a spooky photo of the spot in Win’s gallery. There have also been many UFO sittings in ravenshoe but they have been put down to the large number of stoners in the area.