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Rockhampton QLD


Postcode: 4700

National parks, state forests, craft markets, heritage buildings, island retreats and international resorts – here, you don’t have to go farto find your type of holiday. Tourist or traveller, the likely starting point for your journey is Rockhampton.

Long heralded as the Beef Capital of Australia,it also proudly wears the banner of being the capital of Central Queensland’s Capricorn Region. From Rockhampton you can discover the richness and diversity of this region.

To the east the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean lap the Capricorn Coast which is grandly decorated with stretches of sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and semi-tropical islands.

Heritage trails and reminders of years gone by abound at Mt Morgan, an old gold mining town 40 minutes drive south, which carries many reminders of its days of wealth.

Beef country can be found in the primary industries heartland, south-west of Rockhampton.Here some of the best cattle in Australia are bred and raised to provide meat for the local, national and international market.

Agriculture is also a big part of the Capricorn Region, where you will find grain crops growing not far from the machinery of the coal fields which contribute so much to Australia’s economy.

West of Rockhampton you discover a section of Australia’s outback territory. Here you will find the region’s gemfields – towns resplendent with names such as Emerald, Anakie and Rubyvale.

The national parks of Carnarvon Gorge and Blackdown Tableland are within striking distance of Rockhampton and provide a lush and tropical escape from a landscape which is home to some of the best sunsets you’ll see anywhere in Australia.

Rockhampton, just seven hours drive or an hour’s flight from the capital Brisbane, is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn.

Attractions in the region range from the informative to the adventurous, from the mainland to the deep sea.