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Rubyvale QLD


Postcode: 4702

Rubyvale is a town in the Australian state of Queensland, approximately 80 km west of Emerald. Situated in a region called the Gemfields, sapphires are mined extensively in the area.

Rubyvale is home to a small library, a convenience store/news agents, post office, hotel and take-away bottle shop, as well as a variety of accommodation and fossicking areas.

Rubyvale is set right amidst the Sapphire Gemfields and offers comfortable accommodation within a hotel or cabin as well as holiday units and a van park. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the gem and jewellery shops, and refresh at one of the cafes.

Tours take visitors through the network of tunnels, providing insight into the process of underground sapphire mining. Marvel at the tiny tunnels,called ‘tummy tunnels’ used by the pioneer miners.

There are four fossicking areas close by, plus six fossicking parks. Fossicking parks allow people of all ages and fitness to join the fun of finding a sapphire. With the digging work already done, visitors can buy a bucket of wash and start searching straight away. Friendly staff are on hand to provide advice and guidance on how to sieve and sort for sapphires; but if you’re unsuccessful finding your own gem, the local gem galleries offer sapphire jewellery for sale. Rubyvale also has a local pub for meals and drinks and a local service station, the nearest hospital is located at Emerald.