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Sarina QLD


Postcode: 4737

Sarina is a town in central Queensland, Australia. It is situated 34 kilometres south of the city of Mackay and approximately 300 kilometres north of the city of Rockhampton. The town is the administrative centre of the Sarina Shire. Town population is in excess of 3,900. There is much joking between Mackay and Sarina. Citizens of Mackay make jokes about people of Sarina refering to them as Sarinians and calling them inbred and having two heads. The majority of this is lies, however due to the small population and proflific breeding you have to wonder.

Sarina lies just inland of the coast on the Bruce Highway. Industries include sugar cane growing and milling, cattle grazing and agriculture. Proximity to the coast and mountains also attracts tourists to this area. It is a major supplier of ethanol through its sugar mill and distillery.

There is a State Primary School as well as Sarina State High School, many of the facilities are not as good as other towns but the soccer grounds are still used by the wide community. There is also a NRL stadium that is one of the highest quality in the district.

In the Sarina Shire, 15 kilometres north, is the biggest coal distribution terminal in the world. Recently tourism has grown in Sarina with Mackay being relatively close.