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Southport QLD


Postcode: 4215

Southport is a suburb and a business district near the mid-point of the Gold Coast, Australia and has one of the city’s largest communities. It was named Southport because it was the southern most port of the Queensland Colony. Southport is recognised as the city’s central business district. It has the city’s largest area of office space at 103,818 m². In the past, Southport was the central entertainment location of the Gold Coast. In current times it is set apart from the normal tourist hub of the Gold Coast. However, it has still experienced tourist-driven development and extraordinary growth. Southport has 18 high-rise towers either completed, under construction or awaiting commencement.

Southport was once the site of timber mills. A port was established to ship logs to Brisbane. Cutting timber opened up the area for settlement. Early rural industries included sugar growing and livestock grazing.

By Federation Southport had become a tourist seaside spot and had a permanent population of 1230. In 1898 a railway track was built from Brisbane to Southport to accommodate tourism. A ferry service – the Myer’s Ferry connection – ferried passengers to Main Beach, Queensland and a horse and buggy service linked the area to Surfers Paradise. Tourism continued to expand in the first half of the century. The construction of the Jubilee Bridge in 1926 between Southport and Main Beach replaced the ferry service and facilitated further growth. By the 50’s Southport was the central entertainment location of the Gold Coast. It was also the administrative center, with a central business district.

Southport pool is located on Marine Parade adjacent to Southport Broadwater. It has a 50 metre Olympic pool with diving towers, 33 and 25 metre pools and a 15 metre indoor teaching pool. These pools are heated. There is a children’s aquatic playground which includes a wading pool.