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Texas QLD


Postcode: 4385

Texas is a town in Queensland, Australia It is located just 2km from the State’s southern border with New South Wales, close to Bonshaw, New South Wales. Farming is the most obvious industry in the Texas region, although there is also a silver mine. A large cattle feedlot is located about 20 mins from town.

Part of the Inglewood Shire, Texas is administered from the nearby larger town of Inglewood, Queensland.

The origin of the town’s name is generally regarded as a reference to a territorial dispute. The land in the area was first settled by the McDougall brothers, who found squatters there on returning from the goldfields. Once their legal right to the land was recognised, they named their property in honour of the rather more famous dispute between the United States and Mexico over territory in Texas, USA.

Up until about 1980, tobacco farming was an important industry in the area and many Italian families settled the area to run and work the tobacco farms.

Local folklore has it that pioneer pastoralists, the McDougall brothers, branded the area after they returned from the goldfields to find squatters installed on their land. The brothers emerged triumphant from the ensuing blue and named their property Texas as a mark of respect to the Texans involved in a more celebrated territorial stouch with the Mexicans at The Alamo.