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Thallon QLD


Postcode: 4497

Thallon is a town in south western Queensland, Australia. The town is located in the Balonne Shire Local Government Area, 571 kilometres west of the state capital, Brisbane. Thallon is situated between St George and the border with New South Wales at Mungindi. The town is named after a Queensland Commissioner for railways, J.F Thallon.

Explorer Thomas Mitchell was the first European in the Thallon district and his initials can still be found on a bloodwood tree near the Moonie River. In 1911, the area was set aside for closer settlement and 780 acres were gazetted as a town reserve. With the coming of the railway, the town developed and shops and a hotel were established. Thallon is now a major wheat and woolgrowing area.

Thallon has long been known as a place of rest and was once a stop for Cobb & Co coaches on the Mungindi to St George route.

This large wheat grain growing area features six large capacity concrete silos of which tours can be arranged. The agricultural infrastructure also includes the railway station, which dispatches grain, wool and freight to the surrounding towns. The railway station is open for visitors on Monday and Thursday.

In 1911, the St George Progress Association asked the Minister for Lands to resume ‘Bullamon’ for closer settlement and 780 acres were gazetted as a town reserve. Development continued, stores opened and a hotel was built to cater for employees of the railway line which had arrived from Talwood. The town was named after the then Commissioner for Railways Mr J. F. Thallon.