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Thargomindah QLD


Postcode: 4492

The township of Thargomindah is located in south west Queensland, Australia on the Adventure Road, approximately 1100 km west of the state capital, Brisbane, and 200 km west of the town of Cunnamulla. Thargomindah is the administrative center for the Bulloo Shire, and lies on the Bulloo River. The shire population is approximately 469 persons (ABS estimate 2003).

The tourist information is located in the historic mud brick building of the former hospital and holds information brochures of all over Queensland and beyond. The collection and arrangement of antique household items make a visit very enjoyable. Sports grounds, caravan park and the powerhouse demonstration are available. The nearby river offers trees and water biotopes in the vicinity and is good for a bush walk.

There are all essential supplies at Thargomindah. The service station hosts also a good general store, fast food, hardware, tyre repairs and mechanics. Camping and outback supply can be found here and water reservoirs should be filled for the last time with bore mineral drinking water before heading west.

Thargomindah has a pressurized hot spring from a bore into the Great Artesian Basin and produced in the past hydroelectric power from it. After 2 years of drilling, a god supply of water was found in 1893. The temperature was 86 °C. In 1924, it was recorded that the bore had a daily output of 2500 m3 and today of 1300 m3 at 84 °C. There is a plenty resource of water for the population and the arid area available for irrigation in front- and backyards and public warm showers are provided.