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Tieri QLD


Postcode: 4709

Tieri is a town in Queensland, Australia, located in Peak Downs Shire. Established in 1983, the town – like nearby Middlemount and Dysart – is a service centre for nearby coal mines (the German Creek, Oaky Creek and Gregory Crinum mines are close to Tieri).

This is a rugged little coal mining town right out there in the bush – about 80km north-east of Emerald and 35km from Capella. Most activity centres on the industrially-troubled Oakey mine and the local bowling club which is the township’s undisputed social hub. This club, in fact, has about 600 members – more than one-third of the town population – but of these only a dozen or so are dedicated bowlers. The remaining members are mostly contract miners. Elsewhere, cattle graze contentedly in this undulating, sparse country, where they also grow crops like wheat, sunflowers and safflowers, sorghum and oats. The comfortable, dry, sub-tropical climate ranges from a minimum average of 15.3 degrees Centigrade to a mean maximum of 29.3 degrees. Capella is the administrative centre of the Peak Downs Shire and lies about 50km north along the Gregory Highway from the major regional centre of Emerald. The Capella Pioneer Village is set in a 1869 station homestead.