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Walkerston QLD


Postcode: 4751

Walkerston is situated approximately 10 kilometres west of Mackay on the Peak Downs Highway, a small country town with most facilities and services.

Be sure to turn off the highway to the Historic Greenmount Homestead. The Greenmount site was first settled in 1862 by Captain John Mackay and the homestead was later built in 1912 by the pioneering Cook family. This home is now a beautifully preserved museum that serves as gateway to the region’s past, with traditional Queensland Architecture, complete with original furniture, fittings and ornaments, and the original owner’s house maid – Gloria Arrow. Tours around this grand home are open to the public at a small fee. The Greenmount Homestead is open 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Sunday to Friday.

Walkerston is a settlement situated in Queensland, Australia. Walkerston is 1563 km from the Australian capital Canberra. Nearby places include Alexandra, Dumbleton, Palms, Pleystowe. Nearby landmarks include Black Mountain, Double Peak, Far Beach, Lamberts Beach, Mount Blackwood, Mount Bridgman, Mount DeMoleyns, Mount Kinchant, Mount McGregor, Mount Oscar, Neils Beach, Port of Mackay, Sandringham Bay, Slade Bay, The Black Mountain, The Leap, Town Beach, Williamsons Beach.