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Warwick QLD


Postcode: 4370

Warwick is a town in Queensland, Australia, lying 130 km south-west of Brisbane. It is the administrative centre of the Warwick Shire Local Government Area. In 2001 the town of Warwick itself had a population of 11,000, with a total population of 21,387 for the whole shire.

The surrounding Darling Downs have fostered a strong agricultural industry for which Warwick, together with the larger city of Toowoomba, serve as convenient service centres. Warwick is situated on the Condamine River. The Cunningham Highway and the New England Highway pass through the town. The town’s current mayor is Ron Bellingham.

Patrick Leslie and his two brothers originally settled in the area as squatters, naming their run Canning Downs. In 1847 the NSW government asked Patrick Leslie to select a site on his station for a township, which was to be called ‘Cannington,’ although the name ‘Warwick’ was eventually settled on. Land sales were held in 1850, and the first allotment was bought by Patrick Leslie. The telegraph to Brisbane was operating by 1861. The 1870s were boom years for this new town. In 1871 the railway reached Warwick, a brewery was built in 1873, then a cooperative flour mill and brickworks were completed during 1874.

An event officially known as the Warwick Incident occurred on the 29 November 1917, which would lead to the formation of the Australian Commonwealth Police with the first commissioner for Commonwealth Police appointed eight days later.