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Wavell Heights QLD

Wavell Heights

Postcode: 4012

Wavell Heights is a Brisbane suburb located 9 km north of the Brisbane central business district. It is named after Field Marshal Lord Wavell who was the Commander-In-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Middle East during the Second World War. In 1941 the Brisbane City Council requested that the area commonly known as West Nundah be recognised as Wavell Heights.

Known for most of its history as West Nundah, the inner northern suburb of Wavell Heights got its own post code and distinctive name in 1941 when Field-Marshal Lord Wavell’s Allied Forces were beginning to turn the tide of the war in the Middle East.

It was originally part of the old German missionary station founded in 1838. The Aborigines, however, showed scant interest in converting to the Christian faith and the missionaries turned to farming, paving the way for other land developers.

Wavell Heights is close to Brisbane Airport and the city sights and lights are only a few minutes away by public transport or private car.

Wavell Heights is only a few kilometres from Moreton Bay and the Boondal Wetlands – a 1000ha, nature-based recreation area which includes tidal flats, mangroves, saltmarshes, melaleuca swamps, open forest and woodland. The main access points to the wetlands are Nudgee Beach and the Boondall Wetlands Visitor Centre.