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Woodstock QLD


Postcode: 4816

Woodstock is a small rural community 40km west in the Rural area of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, however Woodstock and its large surrounding area was in Thuringowa until the land was handed over to Townsville.

Woodstock has a local shop and post office, Airstrip, School, CWA Hall, Power Station, Pony Club, Motocross Track, Night Club and mining areas. The Woodstock Shopping Centre has a local shop, resterant, cafe, news agent, service station, bank and post office and sits across from the local school, the Woodstock School has grades 1 to 7 and also has a new prep building as the old Preschool burnt down near Xmas in 2004. Just up the road from the school is the Woodstock community Hall, this is used for CWA meetings and many other functions like stalls and markets to bingo and parties.

There is a small Power Station at Woodstock to boost power to the area and it feeds into the Kelso sub station in Thuringowa.

Woodstock is home to many types of sports, from the Woodstock Ponyclub, Motocross/Rally track and Skydiving Club. The Ponyclub grounds are also used on some Friday and Saturday nights as a night club. The Woodstock Motocross/Rally track holds events most weekends and is well know Queensland wide, Woodstock also had its own Skydiving Club and you can go for a plane tour of the area.

Woodstock Airport is well known for holding Air shows, the airport name is Donnington Airpark. Calcium is the name of a suburb in the Woodstock area and is the main industry site of the area, they mine for Calcium and lime.