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Woorabinda QLD


Postcode: 4713

Woorabinda is an Aboriginal community in central Queensland, Australia, inland of Rockhampton.

Woorabinda was first established in 1927 as a replacement for the Aboriginal camp at Taroom. People from at least 17 different language groups were forcibly placed in the camp and were under the control of the Chief Protector of Aborigines.

The Woorabinda community is the only Deed Of Grant In Trust (DOGIT) Aboriginal community within the Central Queensland region. DOGIT communities have a special type of land tenure which applies only to former Aborginal reserves. The land title is a system of community level land trusts, owned and administered by the local council.

Woorabinda is about two hours’ drive west of Rockhampton and has a population of around 1000 people. There is a much higher proportion of people under the age of 18 in Woorabinda than in the wider non-indigenous community.