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Berri SA


Postcode: 5343

Berri is a town in the Riverland region of South Australia. It is 238 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia. It is primarily an agricultural and viticultural town on the north bank of the Murray River. The population is about 7000, which includes the neighbouring villages of Monash, Glossop and Winkie. It is original home of juice company, Berri Ltd.

The name “Berri” is from the local Aboriginal tribe, Meri, meaning “a wide bend in the river”. The area was first explored by European settlers when Charles Sturt sailed down the Murray River. Its first impetus for settlement came when paddle steamers came down the River Murray and a refuelling stop was developed. This was to become Berri. The area was also part of Cobdogla Station.

In 1910, irrigation was established and Berri was proclaimed as a town in 1911. Irrigation subsequently led to the establishment of vineyards and fruit orchards (such as citrus, apricots and peaches). A distillery was established in 1918 and rail arrived in 1928. In 1943, the famous “Berri Juices” (Berri Ltd) were first produced. By the 1950’s, Berri and other Riverland towns were dominated the local economy with fruit and their products.

Transport from one side of the Murray to the other consisted of two parallel ferries. These were replaced by a bridge in 1997.