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Glossop SA


Postcode: 5344

Glossop is a small town in the Riverland region of South Australia. It was gazetted in 1921 as the town in a soldier settlement area after World War I and was named after Admiral Glossop, who had been in charge of the HMAS Sydney when it sank the SMS Emden in 1914.

Glossop has a population of around 500 people. Berri Estates, a large winery originally owned by a local co-operative but now owned by Constellation Brands, is located near the center of Glossop. It is the home of Riverland Christian School, Glossop Primary School and one of the region’s four high schools.

Although one of the smaller towns of South Australia’s Riverland region, Glossop is also the home of a gallery of Australian Aboriginal art, a small deli (in the Australian sense of the word), a petrol station and some hardware shops. It also has a number of religious centers servicing the region including a Sikh Temple, and an Apostolic, Christian pentecostal church (Riverland Central Christian Church). It is on the Old Sturt Highway, between the more major towns of Barmera and Berri.Glossop also has a Motel outside of which is situated Captain Glossop’s Anchor.

Glossop is in the Berri Barmera Council local government area, the state electorate of Chaffey and the federal Division of Barker.