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Mount Burr SA

Mount Burr

Postcode: 5279

Mount Burr is a small town located in the South East of South Australia, about 12 km east of Millicent and about 50 km northeast of Mount Gambier. According to the 2001 census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Mount Burr had a population of 369.

The town is named after a local mountain called Mount Burr; it measures 67 metres tall (220 ft) and is one of 15 extinct volcanoes on the Limestone Coast. The mountain of Mount Burr is home to the SES 8 television transmitter, which is responsible for transmitting WIN Ten, SBS, ABC and Channel 9 to households across the South East of SA and Western Victoria.

Mount Burr was once a thriving country town, which was home to a large timber mill. The mill was the first of its kind in the region, built in 1931. It was considered a turning point for industry on the Limestone Coast. Unfortunately in late 2000 the timber mill closed leaving many employees unemployed.

The mountain was named by Governor George Grey after George Dominicus Burr, a surveyor and Professor of Mathematics at Sandhurst Military College. His son, Thomas Burr, a surveyor, accompanied Governor Grey on the expedition in 1844.

Quoted from the account of the expedition published in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, vol 15, 1845: “Article III.- Account of Governor G Grey’s Exploratory Journey along the South-Eastern Sea-board of South Australia. By Mr Thos. Burr, Dep Surv.-Gen.” “7th May 1844: At about 2pm we made the top of a range, the prinicpal summit of which his Excellency has done me the honour to call after my father. The Mount Burr range is about 1600 feet above the level of the sea…”