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Nairne SA


Postcode: 5252

Nairne is as small township in South Australia that was founded by Matthew Smillie in 1839. Nairne is about 7km from Mount Barker, in the federal Division of Mayo and in the state electoral district of Kavel.

Nairne began as a town on Princes Highway, which used to be the main traffic route from Sydney to Adelaide (via Melbourne) before the South Eastern Freeway superseeded this section of highway in 1969.

In 2003, the main street was transformed as a section of the movie, The Honorable Wally Norman. This film was filmed using various areas of the Adelaide Hills, Including Mount Barker, Nairne and Lobethal.

Nairne has several shops on the main street, a school, and two churches (CRC, Lutheran). It is about 7km from the town of Mount Barker and about 5km from Littlehampton.

Woodside is another town near Nairne, and all traffic from the Mount Barker area, as well as places such as Strathalbyn must go through Nairne, and then along Woodside Road to get to Woodside. In the last 5 years or so this has become an issue in the mornings with the intersection from Princes Highway and Woodside Road very close to the Nairne Primary School.