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Peake SA


Postcode: 5301

Peake is a small rural community in South Australia situated along the Mallee Highway (B12), approximately 150km east of Adelaide. It has a population of about 60.

Peake was settled in 1912 as a farming community and named after the Premier at the time, Archibald Henry Peake (1909). Along on of the major railway lines of the time, many settlers and travelers passed along the route.

In 1995, the District Council of Peake amalgamated with the District Council of Peake and Meningie District Council to form the Coorong District Council.

A walk established for visitors to show the historic landmarks of Peake. The relatively short walk takes highlights all of the first facilities built when the town was settled in the 1900’s.

The first historical landmark is Polly’s Well which is located next to the rest stop. Polly’s Well was sunk in 1877 and supplied the whole town with water. The next stop on the walk is the old Station Masters house which was built in 1912. The last station master died in the house and was found weeks later. You can still see the patch of lino which was cut out to remove his body. Next there is the Peake store (built 1937) which is now used as the Tavern. The other historic facilities that are still being used to this day are the Post Office (1912) and the Bakehouse/Church (1908). The final landmarks include Peake School (1929), Butcher Shop (1900’s), Saddlery (1912) and the town Garage which was used from 1956 to 1974.

Pamphlets are available at the rest stop opposite the town oval.