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Port Kenny SA

Port Kenny

Postcode: 5671

Port Kenny is a small town located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It serves as a central point for the surrounding agricultural district, as well as professional fishermen and tourists. It currently has a very small population.

The township of Port Kenny was surveyed in 1912, with Governor Bosanquet naming the town after a local landholder; M.S.W. Kenny. The town was slightly built up with the opening of a local hall in 1934, before the hotel began operation in 1939. Very little has occurred since these buildings were erected, but the town was pivotal in handling the grain and wool which was produced in the hinterland, with grain was still being shipped from Port Kenny until the late 1950’s.

As early as the late 1920s the area was a recognised as a recreational fishing destination, with anglers travelling to the tiny outposts to catch trevally and salmon.

Port Kenny lies on Venus Bay, a highly protected body of water characterised by tidal flats, mangrove swamps, small islands and shallow beaches. Nearby town Venus Bay lies close to the entrance of the bay, while Port Kenny lies on the northernmost side of the bay. The land around the town is relatively flat, and used primarily for agriculture.

Agriculture is the towns main economic input, with cereal crops and livestock commonly farmed. Tourism supplements this, with the aid of the town hotel and caravan park.

Although the town itself is relatively uninteresting, it offers a base to which other destinations can be visited. The town jetty and surrounding waters are also known for their fishing potential, with whiting, flathead, trevally and garfish commonly caught.