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Redhill SA


Postcode: 5521

Redhill is a small, Sturt Highway wheat town about 80km south of Port Pirie, Redhill sits alongside the Broughton River at the foot of the Flinders Ranges.

Redhill has been part of the pageant of history that has reshaped this ancient corner of Australia and many of its buildings have watched or given shelter or service to the men and women pioneers who have passed this way.

One is the village smithy where the furnace still sucks in air and hammers wielded by descendants of the family that founded the workshop still ring on the anvils.

Picnic areas, a roadhouse and the Eureka Hotel offer rest, sustenance and convivial company to passing travellers. The original District Council Office is now a museum.

The river not only supplies the region with life-giving water, but the patient angler will be rewarded with the odd trout.

Less than an hour’s drive away, Port Pirie is a city steeped in heavy industry and history, much of which you can trace by following the interpretive brochure and self-guided walk.