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Tailem Bend SA

Tailem Bend

Postcode: 5260

Tailem Bend is a town on the Murray River in South Australia. The town was proclaimed in 1887, the year after the main railway came through. The name is a corruption of the aboriginal name thelim which was used for the area. The word means bend and is associated with the sharp bend that the Murray River makes in this location.

It is located about 100 km south-east of Adelaide. It is located on the cliffs above the east (left) bank of the Murray River close to where the river empties into Lake Alexandrina. There is a ferry across the river to Jervois. Major industries in the area include pig farming, dairying, and grain growing.

Tailem Bend is at the end of the South Eastern Freeway from Adelaide. From Tailem Bend, there is a choice of the Dukes Highway as the direct route to Melbourne, the Princes Highway along the Coorong and coast towards Melbourne, or the Mallee Highway east towards Sydney. Tailem Bend is a common stopping point for truck drivers into and out of Adelaide, as there is no further fuel or food outlets with truck facilities on the freeway.

Tailem Bend is a strong sporting community, some interests that Tailem people enjoy doing are Netball, Football, Two-up, Golf, Water skiing,Kiaking and rowing. Tailem Bend has a strong netball and Football teams. The Tailem Bend netball club is very strong, new coaches have brought up good talent into the teams, two young talented individuals that have proven themselves to be in A reserves this year are Alisha Nagel and Charise Bristow. Watch out for these two players as they are unique players and have a big opportunity to play for the Thunderbirds.