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Templers SA


Postcode: 5371

Templers ( 34°28’S, 138°44’E , postcode 5371, altitude 149 m) is a small town on Main North Road north of Gawler, South Australia. The town was named after William Templer who, with his wife Martha, was the licensee of the North Star hotel in the area from 1846 to 1878.

Templers is in the Light Regional Council local government area, the South Australian House of Assembly electoral district of Light and the Australian House of Representatives Division of Wakefield.

Templers is 946 km from the Australian capital Canberra. Nearby landmarks include Barren Hill, Belvidere, Gilbert, Hawker Hill, Kellys Hill, Keynes Hill, Light, Middle Beach, Mount Allen, Mount Crawford, Mount Kitchener, Mount Pleasant, Mount Rufus, Peggys Hill, Peters Hill.