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Uraidla SA


Postcode: 5142

Uraidla is a small town in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Australia.

The name Uraidla is derived from local Aboriginal origins. The neighbouring Kaurna people (from the Adelaide plains) had a tale about an ancestral giant who fell in battle and whose body formed part of the Mount Lofty Ranges, with his ears forming Mount Lofty and Mount Bonython. The name Yurrēidla may derive from the Kaurna words yurre (ear) and the suffix denotaing location, -illa (Teichelmann & Schurmann 1840). This was later corrupted to Uraidla and adopted as the name of the town.

Uraidla and the surrounding area is a well-known agricultural district with apple and cherry orchards, along with vineyards producing many local wine vintages.