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Venus Bay SA

Venus Bay

Postcode: 5607

Venus Bay is a small tourist and fishing town located on the bay of the same name, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The town population numbers in the twenties during most of the year, but its numbers greatly increase during the summer holidays. The town also serves as an offloading point for professional fishermen, who fish the remote Archipelagos in the Southern Ocean.

The economy of the town is heavily dependent on commercial fishing, with a number of boats using Venus Bay as an offloading base, where fish, lobster and abalone are transported for sale. Agriculture does impact the town’s economy, but the agricultural areas are more centralised toward Port Kenny.

Venus Bay also relies heavily on tourism, particularly during the summer, where its small caravan park regularly fills up. Venus Bay is primarily a fishing and water sport based destination, with the sheltered waters providing small boat users a safe fishing environment. The bay is known to hold whiting, salmon, garfish, snook, tommy ruff, flathead and gummy shark, with most of these caught off the town’s jetty also.

There are a number of tourist walks near the town, and a number of drives to surrounding areas such as Talia Caves and Mount Camel Beach.

There are limited supplies available in the town from the general store, as well as accommodation in the caravan park and private shacks.